Beth Prosser, ADHD and Life Coach

"When I first looked into training programs two years ago, I passed your Workbook program by because it seemed like a lot of money for a book. Yes, there is a Workbook. But that is not the product. The product is the personal, undivided attention of one of the pioneers of ADD coaching. It's an individualized, one-on-one training program that reaches out to exactly where I am as a coach, right now, and takes me to the next level. You see where I need to be stretched, and you stretch me. You make me think of things I would never even have considered. The Workbook is just a vehicle. The learning is inquiry based. It's not regurgitation. You make me wonder, you make me think. I am learning so much more than I would have had you just presented me with some facts and then quizzed me on them (which is what I imagined the workbook to be). Thanks so much for the knowledge and support you’ve given me through this terrific Workbook Program."

Cindy Giardina, AD/HD Coach

"The American Coaching Association provided a comprehensive AD/HD training program consisting of five 3-day Workshops, beginning with AD/HD Coaching Foundations and concluding with Pulling It All Together. The variety of learning activities was invaluable. It helped me as a learner to stay engaged, and offered me a window into working with clients with AD/HD, LD and all kinds of learning styles. Susan Sussman took complex material and made learning fun!"

Homer Mullins, JD

“I found Sue Sussman's course really thorough, with an excellent manual and handy, usable tools and references. The course was well organized and professionally presented. Sue is an insightful instructor with a wealth of experience. She integrates numerous sensory elements into her teaching to make the learning more meaningful and enjoyable. I remember thinking how ridiculous some of the homework assignments were as I completed them. However, back in class, I realized their value and came to admire Sue even more as a teacher who thinks ‘outside the box.’”

Regis Bulman, ADDA Board Member

“I am so pleased with your AD/HD coaches training program - I doubt there's anything like it available anywhere else. Not only do you share your unique insights into AD/HD coaching, you personalize the training to each individual coach trainee. The small group setting created a very effective pedagogic environment. Your training techniques were great - videoing and analyzing our coaching was particularly invaluable! And the energy and enthusiasm you transmitted to all of us in the class was so inspiring. As a result, I feel competent and confident moving into the world of AD/HD coaching. My sincerest thanks.”

Margaret Williams, JD

“When I first read the newspaper article on AD/HD coaching, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I wanted to stay in a profession where I could make a difference, and I also needed a business that could support me financially. But I wasn't prepared for what happened to me! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be enriched, empowered and encouraged! Because of ACA my life has changed. Sue, our trainer, friend and staunch supporter, has a rigorous yet even-paced, fun, informative course that also allows input from us students. I'm a brand new person since taking the course, having come away with a true appreciation of the transformation my clients want to make. I've also made new friends. American Coaching Association and Sue, I can never thank you enough!“

Norma Svedosh, Ph.D.

“The American Coaching Association AD/HD Comprehensive Coach Training Program is extraordinary. Sue Sussman is a dynamic, inspiring, creative and energetic master coach who has been extremely generous in sharing, teaching and mentoring our class. She has designed a rigorous training program of five 3-day workshops which has provided us with a solid knowledge base and a wide array of coaching skills, in a format that was exciting, challenging, stimulating and fun. I would strongly recommend this training program to anyone serious about becoming an AD/HD coach.”