Susan Sussman

Photo of Susan SussmanSusan Sussman Director M.Ed., Temple University Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Diplomate, American Board of Disability Analysts Co-owner, FastTrack Coach Training Acadamy

Internationally known as a founder of AD/HD coaching and a pre-eminent AD/HD coach and coach trainer, Ms. Sussman has worked in the disabilities field for decades: formerly as a special education teacher, in a children's psychiatric hospital, and as an administrator in a special needs-day care center and currently as an AD/HD coach, director of the American Coaching Association (an international organization of AD/HD coaches), and as a AD/HD coach trainer. Ms. Sussman has worked tirelessly for the last decade helping to put the field of AD/HD coaching on the map by writing, speaking, and, through her training programs, assisting hundreds of AD/HD coaches to launch their own careers. The American Coaching Association has members all over the world, and Ms. Sussman has been around the globe bringing AD/HD coaches training to people wishing to provide coaching services to individuals with AD/HD in their countries. Ms. Sussman brings AD/HD coaches training to both individuals and institutions. Most AD/HD coaches currently have their own independent coaching businesses and work privately with individuals of all ages with AD/HD and LD. However, increasingly, Ms. Sussman is called on to train individuals working within the context of schools (both private and public), medical practices, and colleges. She has also developed AD/HD peer coaching programs, enabling colleges unable to employ enough professional coaches to train students at their institutions to coach other students with disabilities. Ms. Sussman has written numerous articles about AD/HD coaching. She contributed the chapter about AD/HD coaching in Michele Novotni's book on AD/HD and social skills, What does everybody else know that I don't and wrote the section on AD/HD Coaching in Unlocking Potential: College and Other Choices for People with LD and AD/HD edited by Juliana Taymans. She has also authored a popular distance-learning program to train AD/HD coaches. Ms. Sussman is an on-going contributor to the field of coaching. She lives in Lafayette Hill, PA with her dog Chloe and her parrot, Peanut . She has two grown children and 3 grandchildren.