Second Chances

Double Lung Transplant

Second Chances
Life (both personal and professional) is full of second chances. And it’s so important that we recognize and take advantage of them.
This is on my mind today because I got a call this morning from a dear friend telling me that she’s making wonderful progress recovering from a double lung transplant.  Talk about a dramatic second chance!
Our professional and personal lives are continuously filled with big and small mistakes and opportunities. And we all need to make the effort to recognize, appreciate and take advantage of both the mistakes and the opportunities. 
Take advantage of mistakes, you say?  Yes, they can be wonderful teachers when we’re attentive and tune in to what they have to tell us, since a mistake can often be midwife to the opportunity to learn, grow, and change.
Not all second chances have the drama of a double lung transplant or a facemask to keep us safe from literal and figurative "germs" but, if we let them, they can all give us wonderful opportunities for new beginnings!