Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday I found a cell phone in the dressing room of a store. It was Saturday and the store was closing in 10 minutes, so I took the phone home because I though the person who left it in the dressing room would probably want it before the store reopened on Monday. I looked through the phone, noticed a field called "In Case of Emergency" and found numbers for "Home," "Mom" and "Dad." I called "Home" and left a message saying I'd found the phone and leaving my number.

After about a half hour, the found cell phone rang, and the phone's owner told me how happy she was that I'd found her phone and called her, saying she could come right over and pick it up. About an hour later, my door bell rang and Marina, an young woman in cut off shorts, thanked me profusely for finding and returning her phone.

Marina was really happy. But I was even happier. How often do we get/make opportunities to do something for somebody else and end up feeling like we've just won the lottery? I got to think of myself as a nice, thoughtful, honest, caring person. And a good citizen to boot! And it didn't cost me anything but a few minutes of my time. When Marina left, I asked her if she would "pay it forward" to somebody else, and she said she would. And then it got even better because I knew there would be a ripple effect to this small random act of kindness. Not just for Marina and me, but other people would benefit too.

And, speaking of ripples, it was already rippling in my mind...I've started thinking about giving myself the challenge of doing a random act of kindness every day for a year. I have a feeling it could have a profound effect on my life. Do you think I can do it?