Getting Back on the Horse

Yesterday I got an e-mail from someone who told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog. It was just the kick in the pants I needed because I've been feeling very guilty lately for not having posted anything to the blog in quite a while.

We all lead such busy lives that sometimes it's hard to keep our priorities in sharp focus - our sense of purpose can become blurred by the relentless competition for our time and energy. So, here's an inspiring thought: we need to remind ourselves to use our strengths and talents more regularly! Having regular opportunities to exercise our strengths contribute to our well-being, productivity and relationships. Even relationships with people we don't know. I think I was too focused on myself and the pleasure I get from writing to really imagine "readers" who would enjoy my postings and find value in reading them. So, thank you, Dear Reader, for your kind comments that have renewed my sense of purpose.

What will help You find a renewed sense of purpose?
What actions of Yours are impacting others, even though you may be unaware of that impact?
How can You get yourself back up on the horse?
How can we help each other to stay aware of our hopes, dreams, strengths and sense of purpose?

Please let us know how You would answer these questions.