Not too long ago I was an exhibitor at the American Counseling Association conference in New Orleans, aka "The Big Easy," a sticky nick name that has left me wondering off and on about what it would be like if LIFE could be seen as "the big easy." Now that's a revolutionary idea! And perhaps an idea whose time has come.

What if each of us set an intention to make life easier? What if work places decided work could also be fun? What if the goal became making relationships easier? Or, even better, what if we each made up a game for our lives or businesses called "Moving to the Big Easy," and had the responsibility of making up the rules of our own game? What could that look like - your own Big Easy? Send a snapshot...find a cartoon that captures your vision...what would the song or movie title be. Let us know.

I love the idea of making a game out of it, and invite you to check out the work of one of my new favorite people, Jane McGonigal (the game lady) at