Image of Oscar Statue

The Academy Awards were last night.

How can we as coaches use that annual ceremony to think about ourselves, our profession, and how we function within that profession? What would it look like if we used Powerful Questioning on ourselves and thought about what it would take to win an Academy Award in Coaching? And what if the organization/individual bestowing the awards was in fact each of us?

What would we have to do that we're not doing now? And who would we have to grow into being? What would we have to stop doing that we are doing now? And who would we have to stop being?

This has the possibility to be such a fruitful conversation that I hope many of you will respond to these questions with your comments. There's a universe of possible answers ranging anywhere from “ I need to do more and better marketing” to “I have to figure out how to be more self-confident.”

Let the conversation begin.